Etosha Aoba Lodge

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Within half-an-hour's drive from the eastern entrance gate of the Etosha National Park, and a mere 10 kilometers from the main road, stands Etosha Aoba Lodge. This tranquil and cozy lodge is set in a Tamboti-Terminalia forest next to a dry river bed.

The lodge places great emphasis on its excellent cuisine. Home and local produce provide fresh ingredients for a variety of euro-namibian meals. Many guests comment on how they have enjoyed an evening's feast of kudu terrine, zebra steaks or roast beef at the end of their day. Incidentally, all the cattle are raised naturally. The rainy season can yield the Omajova mushrooms. This particular type of mushroom is freshly harvested from the local termite hills, also seasonally available are truffles brought from the red sand of the Kalahari in eastern Namibia.

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