Here I Am


GianMarco Malaguti, Founder & Owner of Majaaliwa, is a Professional Traveler coming from a long tradition in Tourism and a hobbyist photographer.
He has been shooting pictures from a very young age, and all photos on this website were taken from him.

Knowledge and direct experience of more than 20 years in travel services has added another dimension to his photography.

Not for him the grim stark realities of life; his eye searches for beauty even in the most mundane objects.

He has travelled incessantly all over Africa in the recent and past years, brings alive all the facets of this spectacular land with evocative and absorbing visuals.

Majaaliwa is his personal realization of Traveler’s experience and Travel Organizer.

He has been spent lot of his life and his energies in exploring places "first hand", thus transferring his knowledge to all his friends and guests most traveler's experts.

There is no place or location of the South African Continent where he has not been and he has not loved... daily proudly he leaves indelible “imprints” in his memory which respect the originality of the environments...  from this "image" was born in a sleepless night, the logo of his business.

For each destination he has devoted a considerable amount of time browsing through the stories, savoring the cultures , living people and their traditions.

He's not just a simple journey planner, He feels part of the destination... Experimenting each time the way to travel; he finds that it is a real pleasure only when the Journey mature within us and blooms in the experience to be implemented into the next one.

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